Monday, August 7, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 20)

This is what happens when you don't prune your peach tree. It can't even keep it's little branches up (except for that one rogue branch sticking straight up on the right side of the picture) and it looks more like a bush than a tree. The peaches taste amazing though!

The corn is only a week or two away from being ripe, can't wait!

 We learned this year that we need to get larger tomato cages. The tomato plants are tipping over and the cages can't handle the weight. That's a good sign though that the garden is growing. Also, the green beans are out of control. They just keep producing. For all of you reading this post, come over and grab some.
I know we have had some people wishing that the little patch of grass would make a comeback...wait no more, here it is in all of its green glory. You're welcome Vain Janglings.

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