Monday, September 4, 2017

Backyard Landscape Project

After looking at our backyard by the shed, we decided that it needed some TLC
The project took some time because I had to run a whole new sprinkler line to the area.
It's done!
We put fresh new sod in, lined the shed with bark, and put paver stones at the door.
So much better!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 20)

This is what happens when you don't prune your peach tree. It can't even keep it's little branches up (except for that one rogue branch sticking straight up on the right side of the picture) and it looks more like a bush than a tree. The peaches taste amazing though!

The corn is only a week or two away from being ripe, can't wait!

 We learned this year that we need to get larger tomato cages. The tomato plants are tipping over and the cages can't handle the weight. That's a good sign though that the garden is growing. Also, the green beans are out of control. They just keep producing. For all of you reading this post, come over and grab some.
I know we have had some people wishing that the little patch of grass would make a comeback...wait no more, here it is in all of its green glory. You're welcome Vain Janglings.

Friday, August 4, 2017

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 17)

The first three rows of corn are looking great. The last four are looking pretty shabby. *Note: I planted the last four, Julie planted the first three...hmmm...

Our zucchini plants are out of control as always. If you need some, give me a holler. I'm starting to door bell ditch them on people's doorsteps

The tomato plants look amazing. No red tomatoes yet, but plenty of blossoms.
The beans used to look like rows, now they're just a mass of green.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 14)

Carrots and onions are looking like they might produce something worth eating!

The green beans are also looking better. For a while they were getting eaten by some sort of creature/insect, but they're pulling through now.

The tomatoes and peppers are also enjoying the 100 degree heat. Growing super well.

The corn is now all in the ground. This morning I planted the last 2 rows.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 11)

As requested, I made a quick video of the garden and how it's looking right now. 
The peas are ready to harvest and taste amazing. I took them to work this morning, and they were liked by all! (Well, maybe not Justin)

 The green beans are growing pretty well. I'm glad Julie planted them this year. They seem like they're being eaten by something. I'm going to blame it on that dang Sasquatch.
 The corn is starting to poke through!

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Garden 3.0 (Week 10)

On Memorial Day we had a long day working out in the yard. It started early in the morning so that we could get sprinklers in for a grass area that we are adding around the shed. I wore a cheap cowboy hat that I bought at a gas station, and that proved to be very helpful as it was in the upper 80's all day long. My goal was to have all of this done by Tuesday, the first day of the summer semester. I got very close to finishing it, I got all the trenches dug, the pipes laid, and now I just have 3 of the 6 sprinklers left to finish the project! 

This picture is of the three rows of corn that Julie planted. We decided to plant the corn a couple rows at a time so that we don't have so much corn all at once. Last year we were eating corn for breakfast, lunch and dinner.Julie planted four rows of Tendergreen Beans in this area. You will also notice that we have peppers and tomatoes to the left of the beans. Since we have been doing the sprinkler project, we haven't been stellar at watering, so they are looking a little wilted.

The peas are really starting to get heavy, as you can see they are pulling down the trellis. The interesting thing is that the row without the trellis is creeping over so that it can attach itself. It's weird how plants adapt to their environment.